Posted by darren maud on Fri, 03/08/13 17:58
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 03/08/13 18:12

Well detailed with the contrast between the owl and blue sky serving to make the owl stand out strongly in the image. The image does need to be larger to allow for easier viewing of the owl.

Comments by darren maud on Fri, 03/08/13 18:38

i tryed uploaded it larger but it wouldnt let me

Comments by les perry on Sat, 03/09/13 09:27

Nice profile shot of the Owl. Always frustrating when they perch on man made objects which can detract from in the wild feel, though not to bad here.

Was this taken on the west side of Salisbury Plain?

Comments by darren maud on Sun, 03/10/13 08:43

yes taken on salisbury plain near erlstoke

Comments by Pietro Cecchi on Mon, 03/11/13 06:19

... :)