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Posted by Ruth Rittichier on Sun, 03/10/13 19:26
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Mon, 03/11/13 04:39

...probably later than earlier if our long term forecast of a cool Spring holds true... a lot of snow out there to melt before we can take out the summer lounge chairs at the beach but one can dream. Very colorful chairs set against the more muted hues of the sand and water.

Comments by Linda Frey on Mon, 03/11/13 15:16

Great colour. Looks like one flower pot is missing. Or is it upside down, buried in the
sand? ;-)

Comments by Michael Meek on Mon, 03/11/13 15:25

Somebody has a sense of humor and design. Wonderful colors against that background.

Comments by Richard Dong on Mon, 03/11/13 22:20

I have viewed this several times and each time I think of lollipops in my mouth.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

Comments by Jacky on Tue, 03/12/13 16:06

Cool colors. Love the bands of color in the water too. Nice horizontal format.