Beamish Kitchen 1913

This is a kitchen in a cottage at Beamish - cica 1913.
The location is in the "Museum of the North" in the U.K.
The view through the window was stark white, go I "grew" some ivy there!

Posted by John Long on Sat, 06/29/13 01:39
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Comments by John Long on Sat, 06/29/13 01:41

You may be interested to look at the website:

Comments by Rory Hudson on Sat, 06/29/13 03:06

I like the detail in this one, and you've managed the light well!

Comments by les perry on Sat, 06/29/13 05:01

Nice light, good comp.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 06/29/13 05:26

I like the interesting range of elements that you captured in the kitchen in the cottage creating the sense of being the centre of life in the home.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Sat, 06/29/13 06:12

Interesting setting...very homey.;-)Nice job on the garden in the window too.;-)

Comments by Ruth Rittichier on Sat, 06/29/13 07:20

Interesting place. Good job on your custom "hdr".

Comments by Linda Frey on Sun, 06/30/13 18:44

Good photo, John. Well done. After one hundred years, I'd think somebody would have
taken the dry laundry down? ;-)

Comments by Paul Maxan on Tue, 07/02/13 13:34

Only the dogs/cats, the kids and the noises are missing, being out to
welcome whomever just arrived.