Coffe Cars Cellphone

Coffee,Cars in rain taken with a cellphone.

Posted by Sharan Jay on Tue, 09/03/13 12:45
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Tue, 09/03/13 16:20

A sense of a quiet time in a cafe waiting for the rain to stop with an e-book and coffee at hand. I find the image appealing in the sense that it reminds me of being on the road and stopping in a small town for a coffee and having some time to read and get a little rest for the journey ahead.

Comments by V Gibbs on Tue, 09/03/13 19:53

Gives a sense of being sheltered from the storm.

Comments by Jacky on Wed, 09/04/13 09:17

Pretty cool. I like the mood. That (almost) perfectly horizontal window frame provides balance to the tilting lines. I like it.

Comments by Ernest Cadegan on Wed, 09/04/13 13:19

The scene has (had?) some potential. I don't like the external elements.
I'd at least lower the saturation on the red care. It dominates. I don't
think the 50/50 comp helps. Even cropping down to nearly the top of the
red car helps. It could be improved with some selective processing.