Not sure what kind of blackbird this is.

Thanks for any feedback, criticism, comments...

Posted by Jacky on Sun, 11/16/14 15:03
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 11/16/14 15:25

Wonderful closeup of the blackbird whatever species it might be. I like the translucent nature of the coat (you fix your eyes on any given spot within that luminous area of the plumage and it feels as if the blackbird is actually breathing).

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 11/16/14 17:25

If your post isn't haunted, Jan is on to a pretty amazing illusion! I
see it too now! Ahhhhh!!!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Sun, 11/16/14 17:35

Comments by Michael Meek on Sun, 11/16/14 18:45

Outstanding photograph! That "sandy" background really sets off the metallic shine of the bird's feathers. I like that you centered the eye to make it even more compelling than it would have been anywhere else. As good as it is, you might like to remove the green haloing to get it to perfection!

Comments by pierre david on Sun, 11/16/14 20:18

Nice composition...
The black bird goes beyond the bird.. it has, humm, «personality»

Comments by Dennis Puccio on Sun, 11/16/14 21:18

Really nice shot. Agree with Michael regarding the eye. Good composition decision.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Mon, 11/17/14 10:47

It looks like a crackle bird but I am not sure. Interesting processing. Nice shot.;-)

Comments by Jacky on Mon, 11/17/14 16:29

Thanks, all, for your comments. Much appreciated, as always.

Paul: thanks for the links. Weird about blue. And very touching video in the 2nd comment.

Michael: I didn't notice the green haloing until you mentioned it. Now I can't ignore it!

I did a bit more research. I *think* it's a Brewer's Blackbird. They are common in California, but uncommon in my immediate area.

Comments by Julie M. Dant on Sun, 01/04/15 21:18

An arresting portrait of your Brewer's Blackbird, Jacky! I thought it
immediately a Common Grackle..but after looking up your name for
it..I think you're correct. It's a beautiful portrait! LOVE it. ;)