Beach Dreams II

Looking forward to some feedback on this one. I liked this sunrise so I went to the beach and shot this. Nikon D800

Posted by Chris R. Speaker on Sun, 11/23/14 09:39
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 11/23/14 09:56

I like the area of the picture below where the sun is breaking through the clouds especially set against a black background. There is a visual balance in the image, for me, between the lightness of the reflective pathway of the sun on the left and the darkened nature of the stumps of the pilings on the right. One wants a closeup view of the area around the pilings with the softness of the white surf and those black stumps standing out strongly pointing like a finger towards the ocean.

Comments by Sharan Jay on Sun, 11/23/14 12:14

nice tones!

Comments by Chris R. Speaker on Mon, 11/24/14 11:34

Thank you both for commenting!

Comments by Paul Bracey on Tue, 11/25/14 23:11

Nice. Looks like one of the few situations where you could slide in a
ND grad filter from the left to even out the exposure a bit. Of course
it's suffering pretty bad from jpeg compression, but I bet your print
looks pretty nice!