Taken with a Nikon D7100

Posted by S Roter on Thu, 06/04/15 21:49
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Comments by S Roter on Thu, 06/04/15 21:49

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Fri, 06/05/15 07:56

I like the pose of the bird in the comment section... stretched out as it is apparently trying to get a better view of yourself. Both backgrounds help to make the respective birds stand out strongly in their images.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Fri, 06/05/15 09:32

I really like the second one as well. What a pose! What kind of bird is it?;-)

Comments by Jacky on Sat, 06/06/15 11:35

He (or she) is an interesting-looking bird. Perhaps a little oof?