Big Talbot Island SP

There are two places I know of where fallen trees litter the beaches. This one is Big Talbot Island State Park. The other is Boneyard Beach at Jekyl Island, Georgia. Both get a lot of attention from photographers as there are very few of the oceanside features on the east coast that are so photogenic on the west coast. Of course, the sea, sand, and sun are constants, but it's fun to also have interesting stuff to include. Film, tripod, deep yellow #15 filter.

Posted by john voss on Sat, 09/19/15 18:14
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Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sat, 09/19/15 19:16

One finds themselves wanting to step into the image and sit down on the fallen tree and take in the view across the water. There is the illusion, for me, of the fallen tree pointing the viewer towards the sea like an extended arm. The b&w format works for me bringing the viewer to the detailing of the fallen tree whereas a color format might have created a draw to the color of the clouds or the sea.

Comments by john voss on Sat, 09/19/15 19:54

Thanks, Jan. Just by virtue of being a monochrome image, there is a default sense of a departure from reality. Each mode has its merits, but I endorse this one. As the venerable David Vestal said, "I prefer black and white, because the colors are better." Love that!!!

Comments by Jacky on Mon, 09/21/15 02:47

Quite beautiful. Wonderfully composed. The mood reminds me of those
blue-hot days we get along the coast in Northern California, yet
without the blue.

Comments by Paul Bracey on Mon, 09/21/15 11:23

LOL at David Vestal! I'll have to remember that. :) Nice work.