Taken in Santa Fe many years ago

Leica M6
60mm lens
T-Max 100
Hand held

Posted by Nathan Leonard Kern on Wed, 02/10/16 10:17
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Comments by Jorg Fleige on Wed, 02/10/16 10:40

Great composition!
Had an M3 years ago and loved it.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Wed, 02/10/16 12:30

I like the abstractive feel of your b&w treatment of the abode . The textural feel of the wood and the abode facade, the interplay of shadow and light and the perspective with the various lines leading the eye of the viewer upward and left to right in the image all add to that abstractive feel, for me.

Comments by G.B. SHETTLER on Wed, 02/10/16 13:05

LOvely LInes and COmp. And Great Tone !!

Comments by els mo on Wed, 02/10/16 18:12

I like this abstract very much! Subtle tones.
It might be an even stronger image when you crop the top off to make it a square
image. Maybe not.

Comments by Maria Salvador on Thu, 02/11/16 10:46

Loving it as it is, though I too can see not one but two very nice squares, on top and on bottom halves.