Chouinard's Gully at Night

Clouds drifting in over Chapel Pond as my friends climb
Chouinard's Gully by headlamp and starlight

Posted by Paul Bracey on Sun, 03/04/18 18:51
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Comments by S Roter on Sun, 03/04/18 20:47

I like that you can pinpoint where they`re at.

Comments by Jan Bjorklund on Sun, 03/04/18 21:53

I was wondering from your previous image how exactly the climb was highlighted and you answered my question with that of the headlamp. A beautiful image with those stars twinkling in the sky and the classic V shape of the valley with the contrast between the relative lightness of the sky and the darkened slopes of the gully.

Comments by JP Zorn on Mon, 03/05/18 15:27

Beautiful picture.

Comments by Sandi MacDonald on Wed, 03/07/18 10:13