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gorilla kids

Ric Kasnoff

Dolphin Family

Ric Kasnoff

Adult Male Lion

Ric Kasnoff

Geese at sunset

Timothy R. Kousky

Mount Cook and Glacier

Nico Mostert

Candidate Ronald Regan

Leo M. Johnson

Nice Doggy

Keith Wiebe

Cedar carving -Bill Reid

Stephen Kudlacek

Interpretive Dance

Kirk Kief

Deer Creek

"Stephen O'Connell"

Walking Away

Denise Guint


Steve Roter

another try

Ron Manous

new image

Ron Manous

re-re-re submission

Ron Manous

trying again with Joseoh's Coat

Ron Manous

Canadian Grand Prix

Edward Hattersley

Window '98

Rob Abney


Timothy R. Kousky

Sand Dunes observing

Keith Wiebe

mysterious one

rob morishige

resubmitted for critique

Ron Manous

Submitted for critique

Ron Manous

Laie, Hawaii - LDS Temple @ Sunrise

Joe Johnson


Tom Williams

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