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Fractional Faces #2

Karim Khamzin

red bloom


Fractional Faces #1

Richard Rankin


Louis-Philippe Masse

Lace Monitor on Grass Tree 2

Sean Corley

Lace Monitor on Grass Tree 1

Sean Corley

Tree in Silhouette

Tawen Mei

Bird of Paradise #2

Rich Furman

Bird of Paradise #1

Rich Furman

Blue Ridge Mountains in Fall

Kenny Dunn

Dam moon

Phil Bobrow

Nam Song

paul Stockton

Barn and Tractor

Kenny Dunn

So this is a camera!

mark futa

Fern and crested dwarf iris

Kenny Dunn

Portrait in studio

SALMON Maurice

barn (silhouette)

Kim Adams

Horse chestnut bud

Chris Breeze

Take a Seat

Mike World

watching you

Zdenek Bakstein

Last Light in Patagonia

Matt Hyde

Vespa in Greece

Matt Hyde


Leo M. Johnson

"Next batter Up"

Leo M. Johnson

"Times Square Pup"

Leo M. Johnson

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