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Red Flower

Rick Slaven

Baby Portrait

Michael Gatton


Bruce Settergren


Barry Crowder

Conservative Egret

Jon Winslow

Distorted Clouds

Joel Wise

Full Moon

Shawna Brown

Make mine Bud Lite

Shawna Brown

Young whale shark and skin diver

Bjorn Vang Jensen

Silvertip Shark and Diver

Bjorn Vang Jensen

four wheel drive

Gangsta Ac

Photojournalism: DOT Protest

Stanley Horseman

Claudio is looking at...


A flower

Tc magwa

Claudio's thoughts


Oregon coast

Brian d. Bross

Comet Morning

Dan Bush

Fremontodendron californicum ssp.decum

Doug Tankersley

birch trees

Brian D. Bross

Lilium columbianum "Tiger Lily"

Doug Tankersley


Brian D. Bross

Wild flower

Anthony Bower

Friend's young daughter

Ron Co

Sunbathing Skink

Ron Co

A different perspective- SILVER RUN FA

John R. Harrison

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