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American Oystercatcher

Steven Sisti

Seascape: Beaches

Tom Grubbe

2 horses

Ron Nelson


Ron Roberts


Steve Vallee

Laughing Cat

Steve Vallee

left side

James Luckett

Another pic of Cathy

Sergio Agramonte

Tiffin People no. 1: Rainbow Coalition

Scott Munn

Lake Winona

Tom Smart

Fence at Daybreak

Kim Adams


Matt Bigwood

Lights and shadows...

Roberto Portesani

Water Bug

Larry Sabo

Chinese Red

Larry Sabo


John R. Harrison

Second Shot of Don Byron

Andrea Ranalli

Underneath the Arches

Chris Gilbert

Christmas Secrets Before FedEx

David Apfel

Larus novaehollandiae scopulinus

Nico Mostert

The generations

Bruno Turci


Romano Turci


Romano Turci

Soaring Gull

Steven Sisti

Yet another old barn....

Blake Wycough

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