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Me and my daughter Melania, Boston 19

Pietro Cecchi

Melania and Capri Island at the horizo

Pietro Cecchi

Melania and Neaples

Pietro Cecchi

Picnic by the Great Wall

Ivor Lee

Study B/W Portrait

Michael Hutton

B/W Study in Leather

Michael Hutton

Mission San Juan

Larry Adkins

Snow Geese

Roger Roberts

Quinnipiac River #2

Richard Carrozza

Quinnipiac River #1

Richard Carrozza

Ant - Whats your opinion on selective

John Caz

Lacrosse Photo

Robert Swanson

Fox Sparrow

Bill Horn

Unknown Gravestone 2

Robert Brazius

Avenue Grill Revisited

John Klapp

Sea Shell

DeWayne Critchfield


Fritz Olenberger

Unknown Gravestone

Robert Brazius

Day Dreaming

DeWayne Critchfield

Covered Bridge After A Snowstorm

Alan Miller

Brasstown Creek Falls (frontal view)

John R. Harrison

Kingston Jamaica

DeWayne Critchfield


Betty Petranek

Watching The World Go By

Chris Gilbert

Nostalgia - 3

Palinchak Mikhail

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