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Volcan Payun, Argentina

Monte Pat Wright


Martin Hagedorn


Paul Samoluk

4 short

Gary Boardman

Ice Walk

Paul Samoluk

Tree from down under

Paul Samoluk

Sail-boat experiment

Gerald Litynski


Alan Tan

Macro of a flower

Jay Maher

A woman and her teddy (Jay Maher)

Jay Maher

Forest Path

Tim Gray

yellow ribbons

Rick Longworth

Dune B&W

Chris VenHaus

Nature's Sharper Edge

Lawrence Naiman

Death Valley Puddles

Chris VenHaus


Alex Uporin

Autumn Colors....

Stephen Sisk

I wish i had noted down the settings.

David Rastall

Cold, Foggy Morning in Yellowstone

Chris Robisch

High Alpine Landscape

Chris Robisch

Riverflow Close-Up

Chris Robisch

Season Change


Lace Cap Hydrangea

John Hazard

Fast Food

Richard Carrozza

nyc skyline #2

Dolan Halbrook

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