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Palm tree and cloud patterns

Gordon Richardson

look at the sky

Roman C.

a last place

Roman C.

a tunnel

Roman C.

Tic Tac Toe

Isabel Lagoda

Innocent Child

Sandra Aikman

Sexy with Attitude

Sandra Aikman

A mans home


Oak Trees - Figure Eight Island, NC

Art Sands

Acadian Fog

Michael de Keyser

Carnival Ride at Night

Marianne Priest

Tree hugger

Michael Senn


Serge Kozak

The Back of the Brides Dress

Anna Konevsky

East Timor - dieing childng

Luis Catarino

East Timor - guerrilla women

Luis Catarino

Firehydranticus Rubra

Art Sands


Eugene Safian


Eugene Safian

Marine Gardens, Rock forms

Mark Anderson

Coral beach grapics

Ronald Shu

Pioneer Farm

Jeff Hickey

Red Dress

Larry Lodwick

Blue and White

Larry Lodwick

Why?..a bumper sticker

Lynn Scanzano

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