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Monongahela Stream

Jonathan P Jessup

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon

Alan Davenport

M r. F l u f f y

Amir Azadeh

Crater Lake Panorama

Alan Davenport


O. Harrizi

A Duck does not live....

Patrick D. Dentinger

Lucky Ducky

Lynn Scanzano

Dirt Racing

Al Consoli

Connected Arches II


Another Slow Shutter On Water

Dennis Chamberlain

Unborn Poppies

Dennis Chamberlain

Rosemary Shulenberger - Choreographer

Barak Yedidia


Jim Hamilton

Some Theater

Jim Hamilton


Jim Hamilton

Vale da Lua 2

Jan van Bodegraven

Vale da Lua 1

Jan van Bodegraven

cormorants with contrast

Dick Lee Sargent

Window to the soul

Dick Lee Sargent

Spider Shadow

Eric Peel

Barcelona, intersection

Victor Ginzburg

At the Zoo

Bradley James Scarbrough

Self in Mir


Home in the hills

Rick Murtha

Water Walker #1

Ernest Cadegan

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