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Michael Bond

A Sea Shell



Cam Schira


Leslie Hancock

Lisa Navarro - Dancer

Barak Yedidia

Rain showers at the sea:

Bahman Farzad

CoolPix 990 as a paintbrush- Fall colo

Bahman Farzad

Monarch on Lantana

Loyce D. Hood

If skies and weeds were red

Michael Mahoney

Mountain Lion

Mike Hites


Leigh Perry

Iron Butterfly

Thomas Paul

Kingston Lacey

Pete Murrell

Portrait Of A Lead Guitar Man

Greg Johnston

Fumes of the (butter)Fly - Another att

Ganesh HS


Yury Skanavy

River View

Yury Skanavy

City At Night

Yury Skanavy

Fumes of the (butter) Fly

Ganesh HS

Colorful Part 2

Randy T


Randy T

Back iN the Art

Randy T

paper mill

Allan Wafkowski

Girl with a storm rainbow growing from

Allan Wafkowski

Winter stroll

David Doucette

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