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Water and Ice 2

Al Rublinetsky

Water and Ice 1

Al Rublinetsky

Flying Leaves

Al Rublinetsky


Mike Hites

Stone Bridge

Graeme Knox

Secret Wall (#5)

Tony Scheuhammer


Janet Jonas

driving in the fog:

Bahman Farzad

Japanese Maple II:

Bahman Farzad

Russian countryside

Craig Hackett

Japanese Maple I:

Bahman Farzad

Seed pod

Hans Steensma

Alberta Foothills

Tim Gray

Flooded Winter

Lance M. Williams

Christmas Poms

Linda Konz

Misty field

Markus Malmqvist


Greg Durrett


Manuela Hernandez


Manuela Hernandez

26 27 20

John Wise

My cat in a thoughtful moment

Christopher Cline


leilani exner

Larch Valley

Ronald Shu


Livia Geabelea

Winter 2002

Henry E. Shymonovych

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