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Thurmond WV

Casey Szocinski

Guard Stone


Big step for a photog

Luka Ban

sunset trees

Iwona Plucner

Big Dipper

Pat B

Fresh Snow and Sunshine @ the Bar-U Ra

Barry Dickieson

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Dennis Puccio

White Horse

Ernest Cadegan

Kiss & Make Up

Nathan Leonard Kern

Why My Grass Has Bare Spots

Ruth Rittichier

Still Treow


Sequentia Lumena


A resting Bald Eagle

Gerald Litynski

The full Moon on 18 Dec. 2013

Jerry Litynski

Captured Red Handed

Gerry Vrbensky

At the feeder #22

Ernest Cadegan

Merry Christmas Photocritique

Barry Dickieson

Forest Blue 2

Luka Ban

Sunset Rays

Luka Ban



Maginot Line

Marc Frey


Iwona Plucner

At the feeder #15

Ernest Cadegan

Body and soul

Maria Salvador

After sunset

Maria Salvador

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